The international scientific and practical conference ‘Al-Farabi as the philosopher of world civilization and his legacy’ was held in Kokshetau as part of his 1150th birth anniversary celebration. The online forum was attended by representatives of the Akmola regional court and Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University. Participants discussed philosophical works, as well as the ‘Treatise on the views of the residents from the virtuous city’. They noted Al-Farabi’s advanced views and opinions about the world, society, state and human relations. In addition, the speakers of the virtual conference spoke about the approaches of the ‘Second Teacher’ to the system of management and systematization of skills in social, economic, political, as well as spiritual and cultural studies. In fact, experts noted that Al-Farabi’s ideas laid the foundations of the world science and civilization.

In his political and philosophical theory, the wise scientist explains how to preserve and organize the weapons of kindness, mercy and goodness. Al Farabi, as a spiritual beacon of his time, tried to find solutions to all of the challenges

said Chairperson of the Akmola regional court Doszhan Amirov

A scientist from Turkey Nurfer Tercan intends to popularize the works of the outstanding man of antiquity. She published the book ‘Message of the wind. Al-Farabi’ with the support of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

I can say that this idea came to me by pure chance. I didn’t think that someday I would write a book about Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, since the topic is huge and complex. After all, the book had to be not just a biography, but an area of great philosophy. The book doesn’t cover the biography of Al-Farabi. Yes, of course, the book includes a lot of information regarding the life of a scientist and his journey into philosophical life. Still, the book just gives recommendations to the person who is reading it. When I read the book, I understand it in my own way. If you read it, you will probably also understand it in your own way and find your key to self-discovery

Tercan said

She assures that the book is written in accessible language and is available to everyone.

Initially, of course, I wrote my book in Turkish language. Then, the professionals translated the book into Russian and English. I think that in the future the book will also be translated into Kazakh

Tercan said