Biophilia can be defined as individuals’ inherited need for nature for physical and mental health, life satisfaction, and therefore an effort to return to nature and integrate with nature. There are basic principles that reflect this design approach to the space, such as natural materials, appropriate building layout, shelter ventilation, and the use of living materials. This research was organized to reveal the positive effects of biophilic designs on the physical and mental health of living things, based on the investigation of the effects of living space designs on people. Based on the research that prove that living things, especially human beings instinctively want to connect with the natural environment, the need for biophilic design principles has been revealed and the effects of these designs on spaces and people are pointed out. The article, which gives tips on how to use the principles of biophilia to transform living, sleeping, working, and resting spaces into spaces that inspire, revitalize, and enrich human life, also focuses on the application and evaluation criteria of biophilic design.