Waste Management; It is a target defined as a waste management philosophy that includes preventing waste, using resources more efficiently, preventing or minimizing waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation, and collecting and recycling waste separately at the source in case of occurrence. The disposal of wastes without being evaluated in the recycling and recovery process causes severe resource losses in terms of material and energy. While the population and living standards in the world increase, there is an inevitable increase in consumption. This situation increases the pressure on our natural resources and disrupts the balance of the world. Our limited resources cannot keep up with the increasing needs. Considering this situation, the importance of efficient use of natural resources becomes even more evident. For this reason, in recent years, waste management practices have become widespread worldwide, both individually and institutionally, and in the hotel industry.

I am happy to share my work that will contribute to Planet 21, our group’s project, which cares about this critical issue and supports it under all circumstances. My book on Waste Management in Hospitality has been published in 3 different languages (English, Turkish, and Russian).

We cannot change the past, but we can change the future. Accurate recycling is in our ever-changing and transforming world, which is constantly advancing in the power of knowledge, which is the light of tomorrow, with the awareness of a virtuous society. With Endless Respect and Gratitude to those who give their hearts to recycling for a livable world…