Tansel Tercan

So, two intense years have passed in preparation for the international exhibition Expo 2017 which will be held in Kazakhstan. During this time Astana welcomes important guests from various
countries around the world. Would you care to tell us how Rixos President Hotel Astana is preparing for such a large-scale event?

The EXPO is a global event which aims to educate the public, share innovation, promote progress and foster cooperations. It’s organized by a host country that invites other countries, companies, international organizations, private institutions, public figures as well as the general public to partake in the event. Due to the diversity of its participants, from top decision makers to children, The EXPO offers a multifaceted event where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time.

The reason why these EXPOs are truly unique events is that they bring the whole world together to find solutions to fundamental challenges in humanity. Rixos President Astana has the advantage of having a prime location as a hotel, on top of hosting one of the world’s most important political peace conferences, the Astana Process, for four months.

We’re ready for EXPO 2017 and then the World Financial Trade Centre and other Silkroad trade projects and forums commencing afterwards.

By choosing future energy sources as a theme for the EXPO 2017, the hosts are planning to inform the international community about the need for change in policies, while promoting sustainable energy. Only these joint efforts can make a change in the future of our energy resources, therefore the theme ‘future energy’ has been selected for the exhibit. The topic aims to:

  • Promote the best international practices in the field of sustainable energy development
  • Promote scientific and technological developments in the field of clean energy
  • Exchange knowledge about the future of energy with all the pertinent stakeholders; the participating public, academic institutions, industrial enterprises, as well as other organizations
  • Raise awareness about the opportunities, challenges and demands for future energy resources
  • Promote education and training through art, culture and entertainment
  • Establish an innovative platform for distribution of modern technology and knowledge aimed at creating a green, healthy and sustainable future
  • Position Kazakhstan with its rapidly developing economy, as being committed to a sustainable development model

Astana is the financial and political capital of Kazakhstan. What do you think about the importance and influence of Rixos President Hotel in this region?

Our first priority is to ensure the city can meet the needs of hundreds and thousands of visitors during the exhibition, and we understand that its success will impact Astana on the long run. From the beginning, we perceived the 2017 EXPO as a great opportunity to assist us in our endeavor to become one of the world’s strongest economies by 2050.


Our aim is to use this year’s EXPO to take us to the next stage of our industrial development with emphasis on sustainability, diversification, technology and skills.The exhibition grounds will use the latest renewable energy sources, smart networks and sustainable construction techniques to set an example to the rest of the industry.

We also believe that the site will continue to be used, long after the exhibition closes. Other forums such as the International Centre for the Development of Green Technologies, and investment projects under the advocacy of the UN, will continue to be hosted on these grounds. The premises will also be the new home of the Astana International Financial Centre which is being developed adjacent in structure to its counterpart in Dubai. With new, modern infrastructure and housing complexes being built around these grounds, the place will serve as a new vibrant quarter in our capital city, as well as a permanent home for tech firms, research centers and academic institutions.

What surprises await our guests at Rixos in the future?

By causing to augment our international profile and improve the facilities in our capital city, we expect that the EXPO ‘17 will also provide a long-term boost to tourism in Kazakhstan. Astana is a place of remarkable natural beauty, and we’re hoping that the exhibition will help to show the visitors all that it has to offer.

Less than a year remains until EXPO 2017 opens its doors for the first time. By focusing on how we power our world in a sustainable way, we are playing our partin finding solutions to one of the major challenges of this century. That’s why I hope many companies and individuals from different countries come to Astana thissummer. They’re sure to receive the warmest of welcomes.

What would you like to say to the readers of Rixos Magazine?

The Astana Expo 2017 will generate innovation in sustainable energy, and pave the way for the change that the Silk Road developments will bring along in this century.